David A. Powers
Full Stack Web Developer
& Software Engineer


  • JS: Node/Express, React, Redux, Vue
  • Ruby: Rails, Sinatra
  • PHP: Laravel / Lumen
  • DB / Sql / NoSql
  • AWS / Microservices /
    Distributed Cloud Architecture

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  • Stay agile
  • Test first
  • Refactor courageously
  • Software is social
  • No silver bullets
  • Design for sustainability

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I have over 10 years experience as a full-stack web developer and software engineer. I build robust, scalable, well-tested applications in JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, and Python and other open-source languages. I have experience building content management systems, high-traffic e-commerce platforms, e-learning applications, push notification systems, ad platforms, payroll software, CRM software, custom API's, API integrations, and 2D computer games.

I'm an advocate for agile and XP based approaches to software development. I have a strong understanding of TDD, BDD, Continuous Integration, functional and OO design patterns (SOLID), and distributed system architecture. I continue to learn and grow on a daily basis, as I improve my techniques, discover new tools, explore alternate approaches, and solve new problems.

I'm currently located in Austin, Texas, an I'm not writing code, I enjoy composing, playing jazz piano, writing poetry, designing games, and learning about permaculture.